ESS – Sustainability where it is most needed


We have built a culture of high-quality service, teamwork, and innovation, and provide our exceptional staff with detailed career guidance to help them grow.

Our company values our employees, and empowers them to do great work in emerging economies, providing balance between office and personal life as well as the opportunity to work on some of the biggest ESG and sustainability issues of our time.

Positions Currently Opened

What is ESS looking for?

Here at ESS, we walk the talk. We firmly believe the best way to create the next generation of ESG,  HSEC and sustainability leaders is supporting them in learning by doing.

Our work is vital to creating a green, just and sustainable future in emerging economies. Joining ESS means contributing to a dynamic, fast-growing team that is focused on implementation – making ESG, HSEC and sustainability happen on the ground where it is most needed. 

This means that we are always on the look-out across Africa and emerging economies for highly motivated, creative and detail-oriented people who strive to improve themselves and the company. We further prioritise gender and diversity across the organisation.


We look for driven team members who are able to demonstrate how their hard work results in real change for clients.


A dynamic and creative approach to problem-solving is key to helping our clients exceed ESG and sustainability requirements.

Every day, our team wakes up looking forward to working on some of the biggest ESG and sustainability issues of our time.

We look for innovative thinkers who come to their managers with clever, well thought out solutions, not more problems.


Our documents and presentations are the window through which our clients judge the quality and value of our work.

We look for detail-oriented writers and speakers who can make complex subjects easier for stakeholders to understand.

What does ESS offer?

ESS provides a highly supportive workplace to our team members, fair remuneration and incentives, and the opportunity to work on the most interesting issues facing emerging markets.

We are convinced of the positive impact that ESS can have on well-being and loyalty by providing an enabling, welcoming work environment. Our team members are given strong senior support and ample training opportunities. We also offer plenty of scope for career advancement, with a pathway to partnership over time for high performers.

Inspiring Work

ESS works with leading organisations in a vast array of sectors, who rely on us to solve the biggest issues they face.

Our teams meaningfully contribute to addressing ESG and sustainability issues on the ground, making a difference in all we do.

Tailored Support

Each employee sits within a line management structure, with a Line Manager who supports them to integrate and grow in the organisation.

We provide regular training to all staff, supporting continuing professional development and ensuring a diversity of experience.

Career Pathway

We want our team members to rise up in the organisation as quickly as possible, as their successes are our successes.

We provide a clear career pathway based on each team member’s needs and objectives, with clarity on expectations at each level of seniority.